• Restorative and Balancing Health Products

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I don’t know what I would do without the Skin Remedy Salve. I use it for my problem cuticles and it works a dream.

Paula H.

Phlegm Be Gone really helps stop that irritating need to keep clearing my throat.

Michael W.

My kids and I have been taking Kick The Ick for years now.  It’s the most effective tincture I have found to keep us healthy and shorten any illness we do get. I love it!

Kelli O.

Smooth Smoke literally helped me quit smoking.

Jodi H.

I have been using Kick The Ick for a couple of years and love it. I take it at the first sign of not feeling well, and my body seems to fight the germs so much better.

Danielle H.

We have the Skin Remedy salve and love how smooth it feels on our skin and how well it helps heal up little scratches and dry patches. We also love to use it on our chapped lips - my daughter thinks it tastes great!

Kelli O.

Kick The Ick has been my standby whenever I feel a bug trying to take hold. It has just that extra support to fight back!

Paula H.

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